Accounting Undergraduate Study Program Holds Meeting of Tracer Study Activities in 2020  

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Undergraduate Accounting Study Program Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University has held a 2020 Tracer Study Meeting and continued with a meeting of stakeholder satisfaction evaluation at the MM 2nd Floor FEB Building. This meeting was held directly by always adhering to the health protocol, also present in this activity were the Tracer Study Committee in 2020 and the Coordinator of the Undergraduate FEB Accounting Study Program. The meeting was directly chaired by the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Accounting Study Program, then the 2020 Tracer Study meeting was to discuss the preparation of the 2020 Tracer Study, where in the preparation of this Tracer Study we will use graduates data in 2018 and 2019, to obtain the Alumni data we will use Koesinor google form. The purpose of this tracer study is to explore information on the success of graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting Study Program, evaluate the output of tertiary institutions, as a basis for the development of the Bachelor of Accounting Study Program in the context of accreditation and as a basis for making improvements in the learning process and curriculum.